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Wet Underfloor Heating

Water Underfloor Heating Systems Underfloor heating is considered the best modern way to heat your home, not only is it less obtrusive and more energy efficient than ugly radiators but it’s also good for your health! Using warm water pipes that are entirely concealed in the floor of the property gently radiating heat evenly throughout […]

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Screed After Care Service

The Anhydrite Liquid screed we install is made from Calcium Sulphate and is design to leave you with a smooth flat floor. Drying Times Once the liquid screed has been pumped in to Laser Leveled Datums it needs 24-48 hours to set, during this time the rooms it has been laid in to should be […]

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UnderFloor Screed Installers Leeds

WarmFloors Ltd are available for all your underfloor heating installations in Leeds and throughout West Yorkshire. Our systems are designed to help you heat your home more economically than central heated radiators and electric systems. Underfloor heating systems are becoming more popular as an alternative way to heat a home. Our systems mean that having […]

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Heatmiser Wiring and Upgrades

As you’re most likely aware; water underfloor heating systems need to have a wiring centre to control the different heating zones. On the market today there are all sorts of different wiring centres and control boxes ranging from simple dial thermostats through to internet enabled platforms. WarmFloors offers a dedicated underfloor heating wiring service – […]

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Low Profile Underfloor Heating

Variocomp by Variotherm is the latest addition to the underfloor heating line up, at only 20mm thick! This low profile water based underfloor heating system is providing solutions where previously the only option would have been to dig out the slab to accommodate the insulation, heating pipes and screed. Using Variocomp we can simply leave […]

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Underfloor Heating Cost

How much does underfloor heating cost to install? What is the running cost of underfloor heating? How does the cost compare to traditional heating systems such as radiators? These are questions you will no doubt be asking yourself if considering investing in a new underfloor heating system.  Although the cost of underfloor heating can vary a lot […]

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