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How much does underfloor heating cost to install?

What is the running cost of underfloor heating?

How does the cost compare to traditional heating systems such as radiators?

These are questions you will no doubt be asking yourself if considering investing in a new underfloor heating system.  Although the cost of underfloor heating can vary a lot dependent on the size and complexity of the installation, there are a few factors that can taken into consideration when assessing the cost.

Factors that effect the cost of underfloor heating

One factor that can effect the cost of installing underfloor heating is whether it is to be installed in a new build or an existing building. It is substantially cheaper for new built homes than it is for existing homes that have radiator systems installed that would need to be removed and also additional flooring work may need to be carried out.If underfloor heating is to be installed in a new built house, the system can be integrated into your new plumbing/flooring plans.

Another factor that effects the cost of underfloor heating installation is which type of system you choose, there are two types of underfloor heating system: Electric systems or Wet (water) underfloor heating systems.

Electric systems are normally cheaper to install as they don’t require excessive trenches or pipe work and no extensive flooring work is required for installation, however a water underfloor heating system will be cheaper to run in the long run and result in higher energy bill savings so is usually a more worthwhile investment.

WarmFloors recommend water based systems for new built houses.  However prices will obviously vary dependent on the the size of the property and complexity of the installation, contact us today for a quote for your individual requirements.

In homes with an existing radiator based system, the old heating system will need to be removed and also the boiler may need to be changed if it is not suitable for an underfloor heating system. This can increase the cost of the underfloor heating, however the cost will eventually be recouped in energy bill savings over the lifetime of the heating system.

To make your new underfloor heating system even more cost effective, be sure to compare energy supplier prices at Uswitch.

Underfloor heating running costs

It generally costs less to run underfloor heating than using radiators as the heat will be distributed much more evenly across the rooms. Underfloor heating also costs less over time as it requires a lot less maintenance work than a traditional radiator system. Installation of insulation boards and choosing a type of low insulating flooring will also reduce running costs for the underfloor heating system.

Request an Underfloor Heating Cost Estimate

It is important that any underfloor heating system be installed by specialists, at WarmFloors we have a team of expert tradesmen and underfloor heating specialists with over a decade of experience in fitting underfloor heating systems.

Contact us today for an underfloor heating cost estimate for your project, whether it’s a single room or a large commercial property WarmFloors have the skills, experience and manpower to efficiently tackle any size of installation.

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