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As part of our service we use sophisticated thermal imaging equipment to help accurately pin point most problems and to enable us carry out the repair work in a timely and accurate fashion.

To give you an idea of some of the repairs we have undertaken; in these images we can clearly see half of the floor isn't warming up (in truth you wouldn't need a thermal image to tell you this!) This problem turned out to be an air-locked pipe.

Looking carefully at the following pictures we can see an unbalanced heating system, in this instance the flow rates needed adjustment.

Wiring Problems

The WarmFloors electricians often troubleshoot wiring problems in UFH installations. It's critical your wiring problems are dealt with by experienced UFH specialists.

  • Thermostat not working
  • Room controlled by wrong thermostat
  • Boiler not engaging

Air Locked Pipes

Air can sometimes get trapped in the UFH pipe network, reducing the effectiveness of your heating system. WarmFloors use top of the range thermal imaging to accurately diagnose air locked pipe problems.

  • Uneven heat transfer
  • Cold patches on floor
  • Half of the floor cold

Worn Out Pumps

The UFH water pumps can wear out over time, especially without regularly servicing. WarmFloors offer servicing agreements to prolong the life of your UFH parts including pumps.

  • Noisy pump
  • Overheating pump
  • Weak heating system

Ask an Underfloor Heating Specialist

151 thoughts on “Underfloor Heating Repairs

  1. Hi, our electric UFH has been working fine since installed 2 years ago, until the dishwasher leaked and tripped itself, few days later the UFH heating also tripped. Dishwasher was disconnected, waited a while and hoped the access water dried, turned the UFH back on again, it worked and tripped again until it heated up about 1 degree. We had the electrician came and checked, he tried to put our bedroom’s thermostat in the living, heated up for about 1.5 hour and it tripped. He said the electric UFH mat is fine but the fuss inside the thermostat has gone and need replacing, but he suspected more water leakage, he would then install a new thermostat after we are certainly sure not more leakage, we then had builder came and checked, pushed tight on our open plan kitchen sink pipe, said the leakage is so little (almost only just condensation) shouldn’t be the reason. Also said if there were any of the access water, they would have tripped UFH immediately but not even after half an hour. Electrician came back said he would come and install the new thermostats but only if we are absolutely sure it is dry. My question is would it be other reason UFH no working apart from the water leakage? Why it tripped after an hour or so. We don’t know what and how to fix it now

  2. Please could you recommend a gas underfloor heating specialist in the Plymouth area,
    British gas service the boiler but do not do underfloor heating repairs,
    Mine is not working also has developed a high pitched noise from valve I think, which is unlivable with, also for my neighbours, as I live in a flat,
    Would appreciate some help

  3. Hi
    Do you have anyone in the cornwall/devon border that you can recommend for repairing underfloor heating issue. Liskeard area pl14 postcode

    For 80 year old lady

  4. Parts of my underfloor heating not working. I am also not able to control it with the room thermostats. I have three separate manifold systems for different parts of the house. I live just outside Wolverhampton.

  5. Think my underfloor needs a flush through as the water looks black in the flow valves. It was installed in 2012 and still works ok but not sure if it could do with clean through.

  6. Hi, we have had a brand new UFH system installed along side a ASHP and although the system seems to be working keeping the house warm, it is so noisy! The room stats constantly click on and off (after about 40 seconds, which I don’t see how this can even be turning the system on enough to push water through?) and at night it sounds like someone is flushing a toilet. It is constantly on, off, on off. Our plumber doesn’t seem to be taken the matter seriously as he thinks we are warm so it is “working” any advice is much appreciated 🙂

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