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As part of our service we use sophisticated thermal imaging equipment to help accurately pin point most problems and to enable us carry out the repair work in a timely and accurate fashion.

To give you an idea of some of the repairs we have undertaken; in these images we can clearly see half of the floor isn't warming up (in truth you wouldn't need a thermal image to tell you this!) This problem turned out to be an air-locked pipe.

Looking carefully at the following pictures we can see an unbalanced heating system, in this instance the flow rates needed adjustment.

Wiring Problems

The WarmFloors electricians often troubleshoot wiring problems in UFH installations. It's critical your wiring problems are dealt with by experienced UFH specialists.

  • Thermostat not working
  • Room controlled by wrong thermostat
  • Boiler not engaging

Air Locked Pipes

Air can sometimes get trapped in the UFH pipe network, reducing the effectiveness of your heating system. WarmFloors use top of the range thermal imaging to accurately diagnose air locked pipe problems.

  • Uneven heat transfer
  • Cold patches on floor
  • Half of the floor cold

Worn Out Pumps

The UFH water pumps can wear out over time, especially without regularly servicing. WarmFloors offer servicing agreements to prolong the life of your UFH parts including pumps.

  • Noisy pump
  • Overheating pump
  • Weak heating system

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96 thoughts on “Underfloor Heating Repairs

  1. I would be grateful if you could recommend a reliable and professional service engineer for my wet underfloor heating system.
    My postcode is BL8 4HL.

    We reside in a bungalow which we moved into 3 years ago and which has PolyPipe wet underfloor heating. This system was installed 12 months prior to us moving into our bungalow and has never been serviced within this 4 year period.

    To my knowledge the system has never been balanced or had an inhibitor added. In addition, the WUFH manifold has a slight leak coming from the large brass nut that the manifold is connected to.

    A ‘MagnaClean’ is installed within the system and the seven rooms in our bungalow have individual ‘Heatmiser’ thermostats.

    I trust the above information will assist you in your recommendation.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi my underfloor heating doesn’t seem to work in all the rooms it’s a water system and maybe benifit Fromm the thermal camera to see what up with the system could you please help to get it all working order it’s around 10years old

  3. I had a plumber block off my underfloor heating pipes (in my conservatory) as there was a leak at the control box. As I am planning to move in the near future I am wondering if the pipes can be re connected.

  4. I have a similar problem, one zone doesn’t heat up after several months turned down,[I was abroad]. When the thermostat was turned up, it just flashes and doesn’t activate the zone. The thermostat has been changed for one which I know works, but to no avail. Am I able to screw the grey actuator top off to reveal a pin, in the same way as with a radiator thermostatic valve? I assume that the pin is similarly beneath the plastic top, and covers a pin. It has been suggested that the pin could have stuck, having been out of action for a long time, and that a lubricant [silicone based] should free it, with gentle movement with pliers. Can someone please confirm that the actuator can be removed safely with the knurled wheel at it’s base. The system is by Nu heat, and the actuator is the latest model, grey coloured and OMDA-C. Your advice and observations would be appreciated . Thanks.

  5. Hi,
    We have recently moved in a house and the underfloor heating system is tripping the fuse when ever it is switched on.

    Could you please confirm if this is something you would be interested in looking into.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi – It could be dependent on location – these types of issues are either really easy to find, or can require a couple of trips to site, so if your a long way away from us its best to use someone closer.

  6. hello, my name is clive,

    having problems with my new underfloor heating system, it is a poly pipe manifold with just 2 zones, this runs of a new worcester combi boiler,
    i also have central heating throughout the rest of the property, so this underfloor heating just serves the kitchen,
    system has to zone valves one for the rads and the other for the u/f,
    the problem is some times the boiler locks out to E9 which means limit sat on boiler or flow and returns crossed over?
    only does it when the u/f is on, installer came before christmas and re-purged the circuits of air, but now I’m not sure? pipe work gets very hot just before the blending valve, and does seem the flow & return are the right way round?

    thank you for taking the time to read this post,

    help much appreciated.

    1. Hi Clive – ask your plumber if you have an “automatic bypass valve” installed. If not ask them to install one, this will cure it.

    1. Hi – try checking the pins under the actuators are opening (popping up and not sticking down) If stuck down use some pliers and gently pull them up and free them off.

  7. Hello

    We have electric underfloor heating in 1 room which does not appear to be working.
    I am enquiring if you do repairs and if you can give me a quote for the repair?


    1. Hi – Sorry we dont repair electric UFH – type “electric underfloor heating repairs” into your search engine and there are a few firms that do.

  8. Would it be possible please for an engineer to come and check out our underfloor heating system for us please. This was installed before we moved into the house nine years ago. This heating system is on the ground floor beneath a stone floor in the kitchen and study area and hardwood flooring in the lounge areas. We have a separate underfloor heating system in the bedroom and radiators in other bedrooms. We would like this checking out because we don’t believe it is working efficiently.
    Thank you.

  9. System installed Nov.2012. Nu heat with 4 zones. Turned down whilst on holiday, but when returned kitchen zone fails to warm. Thermostat changed but to no effect. Actuator changed on manifold, but no effect. Thermostat attempts to connect, flashes red then green then off, at intervals. Red power light also switches on red, briefly, on circuit board. Plumber has spoken to Nu heat, but not been given any idea as to what to do next. Help please.

    1. Hi – im not 100% sure what those warning lights mean without been onsite, but im happy to take a look and we are sending you an email.

  10. Our electric underfloor heating has stopped working in the kitchen. The timer/thermometer switch is on and lit up and “clicks” when the temperature is raised or lowered but there is no effect on the system. There used to be a louder “click” from behind the fridge which might be the actuator? Are there 2 separate switches? Is this just a simple switch problem or a sign of a more serious problem.

    1. Hi – Sounds like the “contactor” behind the fridge could have failed – seek a local electrician to test it for you and also test the heating cables at the same time.

  11. Hello. Our liquid underfloor heating system is very temperamental. Some areas won’t heat up, some seems almost as if the manifolds may be connected to the wrong rooms. Rooms seem to be freezing or boiling. Can you help? We’ve had bad experience before with an underfloor service company who charged a fortune and made it worse, impacting on our boiler.

    1. Hi Chloe

      Sorry you have had a bad experience before, sadly its all too common these days. We can help you with this, and we can supply many references if you need reassurance.

      If we turn up and we think we cant help you we will simply explain the situation and wont charge for the visit, cant say fairer than that.

      Im sending you details via email.

  12. I can’t get my wirsbow underfloor heating (water based) going this year.
    I can’t remember how to turn it on.
    I’ve turned the thermostat up.
    Fiddled with the timer, but can’t get it to come on.
    Any help out there?

  13. Our under floor system, water based, was installed 8 years ago. It hasn’t been working for the last few months, the wall temperature control panel shows the ignition and the manifold makes a noise when you turn up the control but the floor does not get warm? It’s very cold in our kitchen since we have no other heat in there. Any ideas?

  14. I have a polypipe wet ufh system, I set controllers to comfort setting of 22 deg, but indicator doesn’t get over 19.7 ish. Fallback setting is 19, boiler temp is set to 47 deg as it only does ufh.
    Shall I turn up boiler temp?
    Or does system need bleeding?
    Boiler is 2 floors away from manifold

      1. Hi, I seem to have the same problem described by Adrian above. Cannot increase temperature on polypipe . It is freezing and getting very concerned. Can you help? Thanks

  15. I have moved into a house built a year ago and fitted with polypipe underfloor heating. There are four manifolds serving different parts of the house. There is no problem with the warmth of the floors in any of the rooms but intermittently, maybe twice a week, all the towel rails on the first floor get barely luke warm in the mornings. All towel rails have been bled. Other days they are all hot to the touch. Some days, the water in the showers is less hot than usual (and it’s not because of people using all the hot water before me) although fortunately I notice this less than the towel rail variability. The hot water is on 6 am to 10 pm. Is this indicative of a problem with the manifold or pipes on that floor?

    1. Hi Helen

      Hard to work this out without knowing more/seeing the set up.

      Do you have a separate timer for the towel rads? or are they connected to the manifolds?

      Because you mentioned the shower to be cooler on certain days makes me think its more to do with the boiler – Are these related events, do the rads go cool at the same time as the shower?

      1. Towel rails on separate timer connected to boiler. It’s either hot water not hot or towel rails not warm. Never both not working at same time. Boiler has been checked by plumber and electrician and I’m told that it’s fine. And it’s only an issue on one floor. Towel rails elsewhere served by different manifolds always fine. Could it be air in pipes? Does it need servicing?

        1. Thanks – very hard to say TBH – it could be a dodgy two port valve, it could be air but doubt it, im not sure servicing would achieve anything really, it seems to be an intermittent issue, needless to say im happy to call. The timer may also be a suspect and possibly thermostat for the hot water.

          Im going to email you.

  16. A washer went on our underfloor water heating system some water came out while it was being replaced do I need to do anything I suppose I am thinking like u would bleed a radiator to make sure the pressure is correct …. Thanks

    1. Hi – not normally, it will sound a little noisy for a while then it should settle down. Don’t worry about it too much. Just check the boiler pressure is ok and top up as necessary

  17. I have concrete floors and will be putting new tiles and wooden flooring down. What underfloor heating would you recommend, wet or electric?

  18. Hi,

    I have a polypipe underfloor heating system, where one room is not heating up. The thermostat calls for heat as when testing with all the other rooms turned off, the pump turns on and the supply pipe side of the manifold is hot but the return side is completely cold? Part of the floor in the room heats up only and the rest of the room is cold. The whole room is one zone/pipe. Is this even possible? I don’t understand why/how this is happening.

    1. Hi, Sounds like a flow issue, check the needle valve is fully open, could also be air lock, its hard to say without been there. Normally when a floor is warming part way its usually something to do with the flow of the water not been fast enough – whats causing the “slow flow” is what needs working out.

  19. Hello i would like to make a question?
    For example if my underfloor heating pipe is damaged how can i find where exactly the damage is?

    1. Hi, it depends on the damage, if it’s leaking the use of thermal imaging can find it – but not always, if someone has put a nail through that’s simple enough, but If the pipe is kinked that will be harder to find.

  20. Our underfloor system is not heating the house as well as it used to. The pump seems to be working. Do you carry out servicing? It has been running for about 10 years.



  21. Hi. My underfloor heating in one room is on permanently. Thermostat turned right down and now with control panel removed has NOT helped. Any ideas? Thanks

    1. Hi, yes it is most likely the actuator is not on properly or broken, this would mean when any other room is calling that zone would heat up also as the actuator is allowing water to pass dispite the thermostat been turned off.

  22. We had a daikin air source heat pump & polypipe wet underfloor heating system put in October 2013. We have a separate manifold system for upstairs and one down stairs. Last December 2014 the boiler in the garage would trip out when hot water was required to be drawn and the engineer decided the only way was to put the system running permanently rather than by time clock twice a day. This cost us an extra £120 in our quarterly bill. We realised yesterday that our upstairs lounge is not heating and have no idea how long this has been going on as it has been mild & we have used a wood burner. When we looked at the manifold upstairs it had tripped out, when we switched it back on, we realised by doing that & drawing heat for upstairs it tripped the boiler in the garage & everything went off again. It seems downstairs & water is fine, but ask it to do upstairs as well & it trips out, unless it is all on permanently. So is it the air source that is the problem or the underfloor put in incorrectly. Many thanks.

    1. Happy New Year:

      Everything points to the upstairs manifold – there a few items that can cause the electrics to “trip off” – the usual suspects are the pump, zone valve (if one is fitted) and the wiring centre.

      I have known polypipe RF control receivers to cause symptoms like you describe, but in all honesty its too broad to diagnose over an internet message.

      Hope this helps – we are happy to call out if you need us.

    1. Hi

      Its quite normal to have “uneven” flow meters as these should be set up to suit the length of pipe in the floor.

      It could be other issues that are preventing the system from working fully – we have sent you an email about our servicing of underfloor heating.

  23. Do you have engineers in the Brighton area? I have a JG Speedfit UFH water system. Heating comes on fine for a few days , then not at all for as many days. Thermostats appear to be working fine I.e calling for heat, each zone appears to be working on the manifold as does the pump and I am able to feel water flowing through the pipes too and yet no heat !! Several failed plumber visits in the past to no avail.

    Thank you

    1. Hi – We dont have field based engineers, all repairs are direct from West Yorkshire, but we normally have engineers not too far away at least once or twice a month.

      We normally succeed where others have failed.

  24. I’ve just been looking at getting a service agreement set up for all our heating but British Gas do not do UFH. We have UFH for the whole of our downstairs and I wondered if we would benefit from having a service agreement for the UFH?

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi – its not a bad idea, we are currently working on a service agreement, in honesty if its over 5 years old and never been looked at then its worth having a service, then after that we would suggest every other year. Its not like a boiler that needs annual servicing.

      We have sent you an email about our service.

  25. Hi my girlfriends wet underfloor heating is not working correctly, which I think it is a possible air lock! if this is the case what would the cost be to vent re-balance the system.

    Many thanks.

  26. Hello
    I have a Rehau system and it does not seem to be working the output LED (Red) number 2 is flashing, the technical manual states The internal señor in the thermostat is defective. It is a 6 zone system covering the ground floor of my house. I do not have underfloor heating working at the moment
    If possible could one of your engineers email me with any suggestions on how this problem could be rectified or when a engineer could call out after Christmas.


    A Dale