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As you’re most likely aware; water underfloor heating systems need to have a wiring centre to control the different heating zones.

On the market today there are all sorts of different wiring centres and control boxes ranging from simple dial thermostats through to internet enabled platforms.

WarmFloors offers a dedicated underfloor heating wiring service – whether you need the whole system installing or just your heating wiring we can do it.

Here at WarmFloors we have focused on one supplier and we prefer Heatmiser. Currently heatmiser take some beating and their range of products has something to suit all budgets and technical ability’s – if you’re a tech junkie or like the simple life we can offer you something to suit.

The underfloor heating industry is very fragmented. The normal procedure for installation with many of our competitors is the client asks the builder to install underfloor heating, he in-turn buys the kit from an online merchant (normally cheap stuff) then gets the plumber to install it who doesn’t really understand it, then the electrician gets handed a box of goodies and is asked to “make it work” so he or she has to try and implement this into the electrics and make the underfloor heating work.

This leaves one of the most important systems in your home very vulnerable to malfunction and never really running correctly.

With this in mind, one of our strong points is we are very good at wiring underfloor heating systems to include the boiler, internet access, WIFI thermostats and practically all underfloor heating controls. We have become somewhat well-known in this field for fault-finding Heatmiser Systems in particular, installing brand new systems, linking electric underfloor heating with water underfloor heating, hot water, radiators, heated towel rads all controlled via the same app.

 We also undertake smart phone control upgrades – if you want to upgrade your existing heating control equipment then please do not hesitate to contact us.

An idea of our work

We had a lady in London phone us 2 or 3 times asking for a price to “sort” out the underfloor heating controls, she explained they had tried 2 or 3 other company’s to fix the system but no one understood it really.

The controls were John Guest, supplied by Heatmiser and we were asked to “fetch a plumber”!  So we quoted to include travel from Yorkshire to London and to bring the plumber with us. The lady wasn’t over the moon with the quote because she had previously had a bad experience with tradesmen. So i gave some guarantees that if we can’t fix it we won’t charge – can’t say fairer than that!  And we didn’t ask for a deposit either.

We duly traveled to London and fixed the underfloor heating system. The wiring was the main issue on this job and the previous installers in fairness had tried to install it correctly, but must have been lacking that finer detail to make it a success. This only comes with experience.

On another installation

We installed underfloor heating to the full ground floor of a large property.  The customer also wanted us to integrate the water underfloor heating on the ground floor and the electric underfloor heating on the upper floors along with the hot water cylinder, and heated towel rads to work off their smart phone.

We installed twin Heatmiser UH1’s, with Heatmiser Net Monitor for smart phone access and relays to control the electric underfloor heating.

If you’re experiencing tradesmen sucking through their teeth and head scratching then maybe its time to contact WarmFloors!

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